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Automate your booking administration

Eliminate tiresome daily tasks by letting iVcardo take care of your booking administration. New bookings can be imported automatically;  flight and address details are validated for you. On the day of travel, the passengers’ flight is monitored and the driver is alerted if the flight is delayed or diverted.

Via integrations with accountancy software such as Xero, iVcardo can even help you automate your billing processes. Detailed invoices produced in seconds will help you paid on time, every time.

Automate & Save Time

... adding new bookings
... validating flight info
... checking addresses
... monitoring flights
Automate booking admin

Our import wizard automatically uploads your bookings to your online account

Automate dispatch

Assign jobs to your fleet using our SmartDispatch™ algorithm

Automate billing

Use integrated accounting tools such as Xero to generate and send your invoices

Best for drivers

Our new driver app is tightly integrated with your iVcardo online account. Drivers receive jobs directly to their smartphone or tablet and update progress with simple-to-use buttons.

Jobs include all passenger and destination details and provides turn by turn directions to the pick up location and passenger destination via Google Maps.

Best for dispatchers

iVcardo features an advanced dispatch algorithm than optimises your fleet utilisation. Set the dispatch engine to run automatically and watch it assign jobs to the most suitable vehicle based on any number of preconfigured rules. Set a rule to send only your best drivers for special customers or executive cars for a key corporate client.

Our sophisticated dispatch algorithm can be set to assign the vehicle that is closest or the one that will arrive quickest based on local traffic data.

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