World´s first FREE Taxi booking and dispatch system launched in Europe.

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iVcardo is proud to announce that our world class product is now FREE to use for operators to book rides, manage and track their own fleets.

Our ‘Freemium’ model allows operators of any size to book and track rides down to their vehicles at zero cost. The full feature list is extensive, please see below or call for more information using the number at the foot of this page.

More importantly iVcardo will connect fleet operators to a wealth of global demand partners, increasing revenue, and reducing costs.

Charges will only apply to our value add external products;

  1. White label passenger booking app
  2. White label venue app for public areas, hotels etc
  3. B2C WordPress eCommerce booking plugin
  4. B2B corporate consolidated booking platform

*Small transaccional charges apply to the above products

RideSuite by iVcardo is our extensive cloud application suite that drives adoption. ‘Suite’ because it comprises numerous components:

  • RideBridge™: our instant virtual fleet networking tool (runs independent of legacy systems)
  • RideManager: ability to assign jobs to other transport operators (includes powerful rules engine)
  • RideRes (B2B): a WordPress plugin that enables operators to win and manage large corporate accounts
  • RideRes (B2C): a WordPress plugin that enables operators to run an e-commerce booking solution
  • RideConcierge: (Venue): standalone desktop/kiosk booking app for hotels and public venues
  • RideMarshall: handheld taxi booking app used by marshalls’ at remote/pop-up locations (under development)
  • RideDispatch: allows transport operators to assign jobs to drivers manually/automatically (SmartDispatch™)
  • RideAnalyst: algorithm to self-police driver fleet, assigns best/most productive driver to customer first
  • RideApp (BMR): white label passenger app for demand partners and/or transport operators
  • RideReact: algorithm to assist operators optimise driver/vehicle schedules (under development)
  • RidePay: mobile payment solutions for transport operators
  • RideMonitor: tool to stream anonymised job data to local government (under development)
  • RideFleet: mobile application used by driver to receive jobs, update ride status and more