iVcardo Booking, Dispatch & Operations Manager

Discover how iVcardo is transforming taxi, limo, minibus and coach businesses and how we simplify the booking, allocation, exchange and billing of passenger transport services.

No ordinary dispatch system, iVcardo is a complete enablement platform connected to key global demand partners and transport retailers.

iVcardo Transport Services Manager

As a transport service retailer, discover how your business can use iVcardo to define and create a virtual fleet to suit your needs and grow your business.

Connect to hundreds of transport operators via a single API and have jobs performed against your standard SLA.

iVcardo Booking & Operations Manager

A Complete ERP Solution

iVcardo provides small and large transport operators with a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution specifically designed for transportation.

Booking Engine

Use the iVcardo booking engine to add e-commerce capability. Receive reservations or paid bookings directly into the iVcardo Booking & Operations Manager.

Price Management

Maintain separate price lists and charging structure for different clients. Charge by the hour, by distance or use our advanced pricing matrix with a dozen additional variables.

Integrated Driver App

The fully integrated driver app keeps drivers connected with dispatch, receives all booking details and sends live status updates.

Booking Data Validation

iVcardo automatically verifies flight information and destination addresses, and alerts administrators and dispatchers if it finds any inconsistencies.

Live Flight Monitoring

iVcardo monitors passenger arrival flights for delays. It can be set to alert dispatch or automatically reschedule pick-up for the revised ETA.

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