iVcardo Automated Dispatch System

Dispatch Systems

Our taxi system is designed to be the backbone of any busy dispatch office. Receive bookings over the phone, via a booking website or smartphone apps, and auto-dispatch to the nearest driver instantly. iVcardo is a simple tool for fleets to manage all their bookings and drivers.

Smart Bookings List
Each of your bookings has a colour-coded status, so you can see at a glance whether it’s incoming, in action or completed. Here you’ll find shortcuts for quick editing, and you can set a date filter to only show the bookings you want to see.

Historical bookings are stored indefinitely, enabling you to generate a report of all orders, any time.

Easy Booking Form
Our booking form has been carefully designed to make each step intuitive. Here, you can capture detailed information for basic or complex bookings.

Dispatchers can use this form to input jobs that are received over the phone, or via email. You can either auto-dispatch instantly, or save the booking to be dispatched later.

Fare Plots
Use our interactive map to draw plots (or zones) where a custom price tariff will apply. Simply drag and drop the points to create a polygon, and name it as you like.

Our fare calculators are highly advanced and customisable, so you can set the dispatch system to reflect your business model perfectly.

Fast Auto-Dispatch
Thankfully, gone are the days of using pins on a board to guess the location of all your drivers. Nowadays we have digital maps and cars tracked by GPS, but some dispatch systems still require someone to manually dispatch each job individually.

iVcardo has developed intelligent auto dispatch algorithms that do the hard work for you.

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