Below is just a selection of features, listing them all would be exhaustive. iVcardo is used globally, working with all of these operators we have developed the ultimate in ground transport booking and dispatch technology, every conceivable function that you would expect from a system we have, and then some!

iVcardo Driver Management Features

All of the basic features you would expect to manage drivers effectively and more.

Driver Facial Recognition

iVcardo has driver facial recognition to prevent proxy driving. When vehicle is stationary and no ride assigned driver is asked for a selfie which is then compared using AI to the stored image.

Driver Rating

Rate driver internally, combine that with rider feedback and our unique productivity matrix to determine their score, use that in SmartDispatch and put your best drivers in front of your customers first. Incentivises drivers to perform better and become more productive and enables you to scale effectively.

Permits & Document Handler

Scan and upload multiple permits, driving license, taxi badge etc to be stored securely and viewed on the fly at any time. Unlike other systems there are no default permit fields, this helps reflect the diversity of the global transport sector and is why iVcardo can be used by any operator globally.

Range of Options to Produce Pay Runs

Options include, fixed rate fee, variable fee, vehicle rent, equipment rent, insurance payments, parking charges, tax rates and many more.


Driver app and portal are multilingual, when app or portal loads the culture if the device is read and relevant language applied, this ensures that each driver understands fully the task at hand and reduces service failures caused by misread information.

Missing Feature?

Selected features are just some of the key advantages of iVcardo. Speak with one of our expert consultants to learn how iVcardo can be adapted to your needs.

iVcardo Account Management Features

All of the basic features you would expect to manage accounts effectively and more.

Account Grading

Grade your accounts in order of importance, then grade drivers individually to protect the service you deliver to your customers.

Account Users

Add users to your corporate accounts, send them notifications and allow them to book on the B2B web booking platform and our white label passenger app.

Service Type Control

Control the types of services that can be consumed on an account by account basis.

Corporate Compliance

Define bespoke naming policies on an account by account basis so that bookers are asked for the information they recognise, cost centre, project reference, case number etc.

Account Communications
Send communications by Whatsapp, SMS and email. Includes;
  1. Booking confirmation and amendments
  2. Vehicle en-route or on location
  3. Booking reminder 24hrs previous
  4. Late flight notification

Both the mobile and B2B booking applications are multilingual, this means you can offer a global booking solution to corporate entities. Even localised businesses have individuals from other countries, this make it easier for them to understand the booking process.

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