iVcardo launches IO platform designed for the leisure travel sector with automated invoicing and payment settlement

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iVcardo’s new IO Platform

We are pleased to announce that we have now launched our Independent Operator (IO) platform specifically for the leisure travel sector with the small IO’s in mind. This platform provides all of the multilingual, currency, real-time traffic, ride tracking¬† and client communication functions as the full iVcardo suite but for the IO a much simpler process to acknowledge, assign and perform the rides through the iVcardo Global Driver app. A typical IO would have 1 to 5 vehicles but there is no restriction on the numbers a single IO could add/invite.

Billing and payment collection has always been an issue within the affiliate world, iVcardo’s automated processes resolve these issues, speeding up the invoicing process at both ends means that the merchant of record (transport retailer or originating operator) can invoice their clients immediately and removes the requirement for IO’s to manually create invoices.

To automate the process we have enhanced our driver app to include geofencing combined with real-time traffic information. This combination updates ride statuses correctly without human intervention meaning the client communication piece is accurate. The ‘ride-done’ event is automated closing down the ride both on iVcardo and on the merchant of record platform too.

Automated Billing

In the absence of deviations, waiting or parking charges we automatically close the ride down and generate an invoice to the merchant of record. This is sent as a PDF attachment by email.

The invoicing data is stored and viewable in the platform, there is also the option through our API’s to publish that data to Xero and Quickbooks for those operators who use cloud based accounting platforms, other billing platform integrations under way.

Fully Automated Payment Process

One of the biggest issues facing sub-contracted driver(s) is the concern over payment, delayed or otherwise it hurts them most. The IO platform enables the driver to enter the merchant on record’s credit card number which is encrypted, stored on the payment gateways platform and tokenised. At the time the invoice is raised and sent we debit the card on file accordingly and the monies are transferred directly to the drivers account, in theory a virtual cash job. Payment is no longer than 60 minutes after the ride done event.

IO’s see this a crucial tool to connect to retailers of transport, it will encourage them to work more on the platform, delivering a better service to the traveler. Retailers see this as an invaluable tool to connect to IO’s directly, track their rides in real time and to strike better commercial deals.