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iVcardo announces seamless connection to 75,000 limo / black car services across the United States

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As part of our global growth strategy iVcardo is pleased to announce it has completed the integration with the GriDD Technologies GNet platform opening up 885 operators across all 50 US states offering connected rides for both pre-booked and on-demand transfers. This will enable seamless communication between GNet’s partner affiliates and our customers across Europe […]

iVcardo launches IO platform designed for the leisure travel sector with automated invoicing and payment settlement

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We are pleased to announce that we have now launched our Independent Operator (IO) platform specifically for the leisure travel sector with the small IO’s in mind. This platform provides all of the multilingual, currency, real-time traffic, ride tracking  and client communication functions as the full iVcardo suite but for the IO a much simpler […]

ivcardo demand partner solutions

iVcardo Demand Partner Solutions

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iVcardo Technologies is focused on creating an open kinetic service exchange through vertically integrated management platforms that enable retailers of transport services to track, in real-time, global transportation, without the need for supplier integrations. We have designed and developed our vision with an emphasis on rapid deployment, ease of use, and flexibility. iVcardo transport operators […]