Reservation scheduling on another level

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How long do you spend planning the next days bookings?

We recently surveyed 300 mid-sized operators, the answer surprisingly was 3 to 5 hours a day! The problem is that as soon as you have completed the schedule for tomorrow it is already redundant, without you knowing it. Bookings change, times change, drop-off addresses change, passengers cancel bookings, flights arrive late or early, all of these factors affect the plan. Our algorithm reacts to changes on the day, the plan created the evening before is run whenever there is a change to a booking, this optimizes the fleet on another level, reduces dead mileage, increases profit margins, and delivers a better service to the customer.

What’s the cost of a manual scheduling operation? Taking into account average wages for senior dispatchers, of around €15 per hour, the annual cost is most probably between 16,000 and 27,000. At the click of a button we can create the plan and assign drivers. We highlight any that cannot be covered so you can make alternative arrangements. Before applying the plan, you have the option to make any changes you wish, then at the click of a button you are done!

How do you identify booking saturation points in the future?

Our algorithm can automatically determine saturation points way into the future, with our unique algorithm you can set a stop sale to prevent any further bookings, or in a smarter way, increase the price automatically. This can be applied to internal manually entered bookings, our B2C and B2B products and mobile passenger app, and external API’s and marketplace demand partner connections.